About Us

  • Trilenium is an independent full service marketing and management consulting agency established in June 2001.
  • Our driving priority is working in the best interest of our clients. With total commitment and innovative ideas we provide top quality project management, quick to accept new business challenges.
  • We support our clients with creative solutions and help them build their brands on the road to success, taking advantage of up-to-date communication channels.
  • We specialize in creation, production and conducting of advertising campaigns, as well as providing consultancy services in strategic and operational marketing and management.
  • In-house production including design, animation, 3D modeling, sound & video, TV and radio commercials, promotional films, websites… Equipment includes professional cameras, multipurpose chroma key studio, lighting, mobile microphones and “bugs”, gimbal, drone, editing studio… Professional knowledge, rich experience and professional equipment allow us to independently, without outsourcing, conduct both studio and outdoor recordings, e.g. film shooting with high image stabilization or drone footage.
  • Only agency in Serbia that combines service in marketing and investment consulting.
  • Trilenium is one of the pioneers among digital marketing agencies. When you work with us, you’re working with marketing professionals who have proven expertise and the ability to help your business to succeed.


  • Saša Blagojević, Managing Director

Began his professional career in 1999. Been engaged in various fields of business including finance, marketing and management consulting, business development, human resources, wholesale and retailing. Prior worked as a consultant and broker on number of projects with some of the biggest and most successful international and domestic companies including Philip Morris International, Carlsberg Breweries, Henkel CEE, Tarkett Sommer, Knjaz Milos Arandjelovac, Sintelon Backa Palanka, Vital Vrbas, Merima Krusevac, Pupin Telecom Beograd, Ratar Pancevo, Albus Novi Sad, Rubin Krusevac, Soko Stark Beograd, Morava Cacak, Kluz Beograd, Frikom Beograd etc. For three years directly involved in managing two respectful companies, as a executive director of multinational company Zepter International and as a deputy director of brokerage firm Senzal Beograd.

  • Branko Vukomanović, Creative Director

Author, producer and performer of hundreds of radio and TV commercials, marketing campaigns, print ads etc. for many international and domestic clients. Started his professional experience in marketing and production in 1994. Before he founded Trilenium, spent eight years in the media sector, first four years as a reporter, journalist, show host, producer and performer of radio commercials and jingles in Radio Television “Politika”, Belgrade. Also worked with Ward Diamond Advertising London, Indexovo Radio Pozorište Beograd, Index radio Beograd, MonopolList magazine Beograd, New Deal magazine etc.

Trilenium Star

The Trilenium Star was designed by Ranko Tomić:

“Strong wind blows the wings of a jolly pinwheel made of three stylized letters M, changing them into the sails that move your company ship through the shaky waters of business…”

Through the meeting point of the rivers Sava and Danube, which is the symbol of Belgrade – the city of residence of the agency, “The Trilenium Star” symbolizes the meeting point of ideas, creativity and energy.

We were very proud to see The Trilenium Star, as a genuine designer’s art, listed in “Through the marks” register, the first Serbian register of trade marks and logos, published by KVADART.


Currently we do not have open positions for new jobs, but we are always open to meet and colaborate with talented and creative people.

Send an email with your CV to Work@Trilenium.co.rs