Case study

Final design
Layout before Trilenium

   Client: Lorme

   Task: Improve sales results, create a recognizable brand image by design / visual identity of a complete product range

Creating a communication strategy for the brand, (re)design of visual identity and packaging, design and production of additional promotional material

   Result: Increase of turnover by more than 4 times!

We work WITH our clients

Our business is not an art sponsored by the our client’s budget, but rather by the achievement of the results that we have set together with our clients. Design is one of the visible, various forms of our work. But in order to get to the final design layout, it is necessary to pass a lot of the phases of the invisible part of the job: market research, communication strategies, creative concept development … Many phases for which the description takes much more than the space on this page.

Therefore, briefly – the accompanying pictures show how one of the labels (in the specific case of Pancake Frying Pan) appeared before and after the completed project task. The difference is noticeable, but the key is the RESULT: the contingent of the products with a new design were sold in just three weeks, while with the previous design time to achieve the same sales volume was three months! In other words, commodity circulation has increased by more than 4 times!!!

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Product shot